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Volume 4 Overview

148-page paperback book with 21 lessons, 21 worksheets, five chapter tests and one final test.
The Answer Key is in the back of the book with full solutions.
Topics covered in volume 4 are typically taught throughout elementary school, but we don't mention grade level in the books.
Upon purchase, you will receive a password to access a page on our website that contains printable pdf versions of every worksheet in the book.
An older student can complete this book in about one month.
Younger students will take two to six months to complete.
The older you are the faster you'll learn!
Volume 4 is what makes us different...
This book teaches basic geometry concepts that are typically taught throughout elementary school.  This is a different order than what Common Core teaches.  We feel that it is too much to ask of a young student to go from long division to fractions to using pi to find the circumference of a circle.  We prefer to teach prealgebra before asking a student to use formulas such as C = d x pi.  This book shouldn't be skipped unless your student can name the three special triangles, and what's so special about each one, and understands how to use the Pythagorean theorem.  If your student can solve for the length of the hypotenuse in a triangle with sides measuring 6 and 8, then you may skip this book.  After reading this volume, a student will quickly know the answer is 10.
Our Geometry Kit is sold separately.  It is not required, but it is helpful especially for visual learners.  This kit gives students hands-on tools to help them learn and remember the geometric concepts taught in this book.  The items included in the zipper pouch are:

  1. A 12" x 12" piece of paper to visually see a one square foot.
  2. Two cards that show WHY we use pi to solve for circumference
  3. A pencil
  4. A protractor
  5. A bouncy ball to demonstrate a sphere vs. a circle
  6. Fifteen 1" x 1" foam squares are used to cover a 3" x 5" card.
  7. An Isosceles Triangle with triangle facts printed on it
  8. A Right Triangle with its own facts printed on it
  9. An Equilateral Triangle with equal angles printed on it
  10. A card that proves a triangle is half of some square or rectangle
  11. A small card that lists the most frequently used geometry formulas
  12. A 3D cube cut-out with cube facts printed on it

Our Big, Big Bookmark is an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet that contains hints to all the most easily forgotten math concepts from volumes 1 - 4.  So, let's say you're in pre-algebra and you have to divide fractions, and you can't remember if that's when you flip the fraction or not.  Just look down at your Big, Big Bookmark and see that you flip the second fraction and then multiply straight across.  Available for purchase at the bottom of this page and in the Store.​

Sample pages:

Stand Alone or Supplemental?
Volume 4 covers basic geometry, which typically isn't singled out as a class in public school.  It is usually integrated during basic math.  If your goal is to learn geometry, this is a perfect precursor to volume 7, our high school geometry book.   If you want to prepare your student for algebra, then read volumes 1 - 4 as a stand- alone curriculum.

Scope and Sequence (Basic Geometry):
Students will gain knowledge in basic geometric concepts including the difference between straight, parallel and perpendicular lines.
How to identify obtuse, acute, opposite and right angles.
The properties of right, equilateral and isosceles triangles are studied.
The difference between several quadrilaterals and the properties they contain.
Students will learn how to find the area of a triangle, a square and all other polygons.
Pi, radius and diameter are used to find the circumference and area of a circle.
The Pythagorean Theorem is studied and proven to work.
Perimeter of a shape, and volume of a rectangular prism and sphere are learned.
Students will gain knowledge of the Metric System.


​I just wanted to send a little note to thank you for creating this program! My daughter started the Learn Math Fast System about a year ago. She was a junior in high school and completely, totally, hopelessly stuck in Algebra 1. Having homeschooled for 19 years, and already graduated two children from our homeschool, I knew kids learn at different rates, but even I was getting a little worried she might just never move on.
Since her future plans include a degree at a 4 year school, my daughter was becoming very discouraged and defeated. She had decided she hated math and was horrible at it 🙁  We had tried several popular math programs through the years, and finally I found, and bought, her the Learn Math Fast System.All I can say is, "Wow!!!"  My daughter started book 1 in March, and by July she had successfully completed all 7 books!  The short lessons, clear explanations, and relevant problems not only helped her understand the concepts, but greatly built her confidence. She realized she *can* do math! She moved straight into MathUSee Pre-Calculus in September, and has easily maintained an A average. Woohoo!
At the beginning of the year, I started my next two children on the System. Both my son who understands math easily, and my math adverse youngest daughter, are moving ahead at their own pace with success. I am so happy to have found you!
Thank you so very much, Jena W.

Table of Contents:
Opposite Angles
Chapter 1 Review Test
The Three Special Triangles
Plane Figures
Area of a Square
Area of a Triangle
Chapter 2 Review Test
Hypotenuse and Pythagorean Theorem
3-4-5 Triangle Secret
Chapter 3 Review Test
Diameter and Circumference
Radius and Area
Space Figures
Volume of a Sphere
Chapter 4 Review Test
Metric System Base Units
Kilo and Milli
Metric Abbreviations
Chapter 5 Review Test
​Final Test