Now anyone can Learn Math quickly and easily with the Learn Math Fast System.

Learn Math Fast books, Geometry Kit and Smart Cards.

Do you need to teach or learn math?  Or both?  You've come to the right place.  The Learn Math Fast System is a different kind of math curriculum.  It is written with a low vocabulary in a conversational tone that speaks to the reader.  The lessons are short and so are the worksheets.  In just 20 minutes a day, a student can advance several grade levels in one school year.

Does your student still count on their fingers?  We can fix that in about a month.

Does math bring your student to tears?  We can put an end to that by building up their self-confidence in the very first book.

Does your student struggle to learn due to dyslexia, dysgraphia or dyscalculia?  We've been recommended by a specialist in those three areas.  It's the curriculum she uses in her tutoring class.

Does your student still struggle to learn multiplication?  Read "Why Can't My Child Learn Multiplication?" to learn why - oh, and we can fix that too.

Is your student a musician that can read music?  Creative, artistic, and musical people tend to struggle with math because there is no place for creativity or uniqueness in math.  The answer is either right or wrong, and everyone is supposed to get the exact same answer.  This is so boring for a musician, but we can reach them too.  Here is a video to teach fractions to a musician.

Even if you student can't read music, that's OK.  We have methods that will reach them as well.  Whether or not you purchase our program, please download and print our free Fraction Blaster.  Then let your student refer to it the next time they struggle with fractions.

Do you have a fidgety child that is more interested in a rubber band than math?  Here at Learn Math Fast we call those children 'Active Intellects.'  Read "How to Unlock your Fidget Child's Ability to Learn and Focus" to find out how that rubber band can help.

Is your student wondering why we need to learn algebra in the first place?  We've all wondered that.  Read these two articles to find out why.

Why Do I Need to Learn Algebra?

Math Related Careers

Does all of this sound too good to be true?  Let's hear from some of Learn Math Fast's customers.

April 21, 2024

Shannon in Canada

I LOVE all the levels of these math books!!!! I'm middle aged with 2 science degrees and even I learned some things while using these books in my homeschool.  One of the best parts is when you buy the books, you get a code which allows you to print off the worksheets in the book on your computer.  That way you can use each book with a few kids at once and you don't have to buy the extra stuff.

March 6, 2024

J11 (Verified Amazon Purchaser)

Wish I would have purchased this sooner!

My son was having some regression with math.  We started this book and things have quickly turned around.  I'm impressed with how quickly he's remembering things, and he's impressed with how quick the lessons are.

February 13, 2024

James V. Leonardo (Verified Amazon Purchase)

Where was this my whole life?

Ok I'm not a mathematician at all. I "passed" algebra with a D, failed Geometry the first time around and had to take it again in order to get a B. So as you can see, my math skills are deplorable.  After the fiasco that was 2020, I pulled my kiddos to homeschool them, and we tried different methods to teach math.  Ummmm...that was an unmitigated disaster, and my daughter tried math u see, some other program and Khan academy.  She got almost three years behind in math as what she was learning was taking forever. I heard Khan was great, but she was so confused. Enter Learn Math Fast.


I found it online searching for a way to catch a kiddo up in math. My daughter was 14 and at a fifth grade level.  With LMF, you start at the beginning, and by beginning, I mean 3 + 2. The reasoning behind it is that it's so easy, your child will build up confidence. If you're an adult, it gets you through all of the areas you were lacking. So kiddo started in August and has flown through 3 of the 7 books.  It is mid Feb and she's starting book four. If she continues at the rate she is, she will get through the entire series by the end of next year having gotten through algebra and geometry right on time! It's been a life saver!

November 30, 2023

Heather Franklin

I am a homeschooling parent. My oldest child did fine with our previously chosen math curriculum, but my second really got stuck at learning the multiplication facts and got way behind. It seemed an impossible task to ever get her back up to grade level. She dreaded math and just felt no good at it.
I ordered this in hopes of helping her get back to grade level in an efficient way. It has been a huge success!! She finished the first book in 3 weeks and can’t wait to start the next. She actually reaches for her math first now. This has solidified the basics for her and built her confidence so much.
I’m using this also with my 3rd grader (who I’ve discovered was getting by with his math by using a lot of finger counting!) and my 5th grader. My fifth grader absolutely melts down if I try to time the tests, but as long as I skip the timing part, he’s doing great also and really building a much better recall of the math facts that will support him so much as he advances into higher math. And now that I know we can get through the material so quickly, I can be patient to let him build this foundation without feeling pressure to rush him along so he won’t fall behind.
So grateful for this program!!

November 9, 2023

Bob & Wife (Verified Amazon Purchaser)

After a few weeks of using it [LMF] we are learning a different way to add and subtract simple math equations i.e. 8+6 and my adult (apparently stupid) mind is blown!  I have been adding these the hard way and memorizing facts for nothing and we are in chapter 1!!  A homeschool parent recommended this.  Since we have been having trouble moving forward in our Math curriculum I decided to try it.  We're still in the "easy stuff" that we've already learned but it's hands-on and not rushed.  I love that we can print out additional worksheets for free or buy a book of extras.

The Learn Math Fast System has been selling across the globe since 2011.  They have been updated a few times, most recently they have been revamped with some color ink.  The black and white versions are still available on  Here on this site, we only sell the most recent color editions.