How Can I Learn Math Fast?

Here Are Just a Few of Our Methods!

If you can read music, then you can learn fractions in about five minutes.


Learn how to multiply by nine in about four minutes.


Learn how to multiply by 11 in about 2 1/2 minutes.


Download and print a free copy of our Big, Big Bookmark below. It has hints to all the most easily forgotten math concepts, listed on the front and back. Printing on card stock is best, laminating it is even better.

Is your student struggling to remember all the steps used to solve fractions?

Print our Fraction Blaster below.


Try this Math Crossword Puzzle for your Middle Schooler.


Ready for a Fun Geometry Challenge?

Download and print the file below.


Want to try the first two lessons of the Learn Math Fast System for free?

Download and print the lessons below.



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