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My husband, Mick, and I homeschooled our only son from the day he was born until the day he graduated. This was back before the Internet was in every household, so we had to improvise, especially when it came to math.  I had to pray for a way to teach math because the textbooks I had were not getting the message across.

Eleven short years later, it paid off. At age 16, he enrolled in college and started earning his degree. He even got his first job there...As a math tutor!...At a college!...At age SIXTEEN! He worked there for two years while he earned his first of three college degrees.

One day, when he was in college, my husband reminded me of something I told him when I was 19.

He said to me, "You should write that book you always wanted to.”

My eyes lit up! He was right! I now had enough time to write a book. At first, I wasn't sure what to write about.

Then he said, "Write what you know. You know MATH! Show everyone all those tricks you taught our son. Show everyone how you taught him to have college-level math at age 16."  So, I did.

In 2009, I finished my first book. We gave away a bunch of them for free just to get feedback. A month later, we heard back from about a dozen people...and they loved it. My husband encouraged me to keep writing.

"Write all twelve grade levels!" he says.

I kept typing and got up to the eighth-grade level in four books. We sold them at a local convention, and I couldn’t believe it! The homeschoolers LOVED them!

They wanted high school-level books with full solutions. They wanted printable worksheets, supplemental worksheets, and a money-back guarantee. We listened to them and implemented all their ideas.

One of the first testimonies we received was from a 13-year-old girl who had once been on The Ellen Show for being a veterinarian’s assistant at age nine. Her mother told us that math was the only subject holding her back from graduating early. After reading the Learn Math Fast System, she was able to graduate the following year...at 14 years of age.

Another mom wrote about her sixth-grade son learning fractions for the first time. Moms with dyslexic children and autistic children were praising the books for being the first math book to reach their kids. Adults were using the books to pass on-the-job training tests, in just a week or two. Students of all ages and with all learning styles were learning in one month what they couldn’t learn in years of schooling. The testimonials were overwhelming, so I kept writing.

I wrote a fifth book, a sixth, and then another. The Learn Math Fast System now teaches 1st to 12th grade math, and it is being used in schools, by tutors, dyslexia specialists, and homeschoolers in nearly every US city. It was even recommended by a dyslexia/dyscalculia/dysgraphia specialist. She claims it is the only math curriculum she uses in her school.

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