How does Learn Math Fast Compare to other Homeschool Math Curricula?

Let's hear from a few of our homeschooling customers...

A homeschool mom purchased our curriculum from Amazon and then left this comment:

Throughout our 6 years of homeschooling, we have tried it all: Math U See, Saxon, Miquon Math, Beast Academy, Math Mammoth, Life of Fred, and tons of videos and other generic workbooks. Learn Math Fast is the first system where my now 13-year old son didn't end up in tears. It is a keeper for us, and I plan to use all seven volumes…The tips and tricks are invaluable and has really helped him grasp the subject matter. And, he is retaining the mate​rial…The lessons are the right length and pace for my son not to feel overwhelmed, and the worksheets seem to have just the right number of problems so that the information is reinforced through practice but doesn't take hours to complete! When extra reinforcement is needed, I appreciate that there are extra, free supplemental worksheets also available on the Learn Math Fast website. I also print off the lesson worksheets so that my son does not write in the book. I like to keep my books clean!...Finally, the layout of the book itself works well for my son who has just finished therapy for convergence insufficiency (where his eyes did not come together to focus on text, causing him to see double). There is plenty of white space and the book is in black and white (Amazon version only) with no distracting colors or annoying "cutesy" pictures that are included in most other elementary math books....Learn Math Fast = No More Tears! I started using LMF volume I with my 13-year old homeschooler in the late spring of 2016. This summer/fall we have resumed (after a 2 month summer break) and I was amazed at how much he had retained. This math system works. And, for the first time in years, we are getting through math lessons without tears and without my son feeling inadequate…And I love the simplicity and clear explanations. It really helps my son to focus on the task at hand and to grasp the information. I plan to use the entire Learn Math Fast series. It is the only one that has worked for us, and we've tried them all!
~M. Lofton Amazon Customer

A Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia Specialist whom homeschools her son wrote this after using our curriculum:

Thank you JK for creating Learn Math Fast.  I originally bought the Learn Math Fast books for my own son, whom I homeschool. It is wonderful how you explain math concepts so simply and directly.  I own Lexia Learners, a tutoring company for students who learn differently because of Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia and Learn Math Fast is now the only math curriculum we use with our students! I recommend this program to anyone who has struggled to learn math using another program. If your child has never struggled in math, your child will love  Learn Math Fast, math just makes sense!
Jess Arce
Director of (formerly) Lexia Learners (Currently) 3D Learners
Dyslexia Consultation, Screening Tutoring and Remediation
714 363 1562

Dr. Wilson, a homeschool mom and curriculum writer from, wrote this:

My son was using Life of Fred Algebra and kept saying he didn’t know the answers to the problems. I would encourage him to go back through the chapter, but he said that it just wasn’t explained clearly. Now, don’t hear that as a criticism of Life of Fred Algebra. Two of my sons used it successfully. I realized that I had purchased a copy of Learn Math Fast’s Algebra years ago. I got it out for him and he’s been working on it this summer. He recently told me that he likes it 400% better than what he was using. “I can actually understand it!” he said. ~Melanie Wilson.

Jeri used our curriculum in her homeschool with her older children and had this to say:

I have been using your books this school year with my 9th and 11th grader. I have books 1-6 and will be ordering volume 7 over the summer. I had emailed you last year and you were so kind and gave me much encouragement. We are working through book 5 at the moment. We will continue math all through summer in hopes of finishing through book 7 by end of next school year. At the time I was juggling these books with CTC Math and decided to stop juggling and stick with LMF.  ~Jeri C.

Mari B., homeschool mom at, wrote this about our curriculum:
After trying every math program I could think of - and trust me there were many - I finally stumbled onto Learn Math Fast.  I was hesitant, because nothing else had worked for my math challenged 5th grader.  First, I was concerned that the program recommended starting with Volume I and I was afraid this would 'deflate' what little confidence my daughter had with math, having to start at the beginning.  I was also concerned because what if this didn't work either?  It was just fabulous that there was a sample lesson on the website that I could download and let her try.  She loved it and most importantly she GOT IT!  I order Volumes 1-4 as a set.  My daughter continues to love doing this math program and she went through Vol 1 and 2 in one year!  She begins Vol 3 with this school year and will be finished, I'm certain, with Vol 4 before she finishes 8th grade.  That is HUGE for us.  She was still struggling with basic operations before this program.  While the program itself is mastery based, and not spiral, it works for us because finding 'review' resources online is free and easy and doesn't require her to get bored with what she feels is tedious repetition!  It is the math program we will continue to use the whole way through!  I highly recommend this to those that have tried everything else and are comfortable with a mastery system.  A real bonus, for me, I understand the lessons too!  As a non-math master myself, it was very important to me that I could understand the lessons that were being taught to the student so I could provide any needed assistance.  To tell the truth, I feel like my math skills have improved greatly since we started this program and I'm looking forward to learning Algebra all over again.  I think I might actually understand it this time around!  ~Mari B.

Deb Esposito used the Learn Math Fast Curriculum in her homeschool and then wrote this on her Facebook page:

Just wanted to share a math curriculum that has worked extremely well for us...most importantly, it allowed us to move through math fast, and with high retention! We have used Saxon, which is a solid curriculum. However, it was becoming tedious for my daughter. We have also used Math-U-See, another wonderful program. We have also done a “baby genius” program. This, too, worked well, but failed to impart the “why” of some of the higher level concepts. So, in the end, she could do lots of really impressive complicated math problems, but had little understanding of what it really meant.
Then we found “Learn Math Fast”.  It is a math system developed by a homeschool mom. It is the method by which she taught her own son, which enabled him to begin taking college math courses at 16. Great marketing story...but does it work? Boy does it ever. I have a child who went from “Math is not my favorite subject!” to “Can we do math now?” (I also use Critical Thinking Company’s Math Detective series to ensure she has plenty of opportunities to apply her growing math skills.)
For reinforcement and review, I had her start at the beginning of the Learn Math Fast series. Even with an extended (3 month) visit from my mom and tons of other schedule disruptions, she has breezed her way through pre-algebra, elementary geometry and is scheduled to complete high school algebra within the next two months. (I generally have her run through each book twice. For me, not her. lol) To test her competency, I also had her complete “The Great Course’s Mastering the Fundamentals of Math High School course. She aced it...and I’m sold on the Learn Math Fast system!
~Blessings, deb Esposito

Michele a homeschool mom and homeschool private teacher said this about our curriculum: son and I got through the algebra 1 and geometry books in less than two stuff out there... He had no real high school math (homeschoolers) and wanted to take his GED (end of March) and now wants to take the your work is much appreciated... I am not only a homeschool parent (son is now 20) but also a  homeschool private teacher with a Masters degree from Bank Street. And while I LOVE doing math with kids, I have been challenged finding reasonable texts such that I can learn along with my son (used to be very good at math but its been awhile). Most books are simply impossible for the density of text and less than transparent explanations). The way you designed these books (both content and visually) make them extremely useful for homeschool teaching (probably teaching in schools too). Just made more sense to me than anything else I have looked at...don't get me started on Life of Fred.  I know everyone likes this series but the upper level books are painful to plow through. I just don't "get" them...very confusing. Anyway, look forward to getting the next volume.

Below are bits and pieces of emails received by Jacquie.  She is referring to her 10 year old son Owen whom she homeschools:

. . . I printed a stack of the fraction pages out for him, explained that he hasn't seen it before but wanted him to give it a try.  That was it!  He took the pages and worked through them over the next few days…I walk out to the table in the morning and his finished work is waiting for me.  Amazing!…My son said, "Oh, I understand math now...this is so easy!"  And he was referring to the fraction pages!  What a change of heart.  I believe God was at work here...I'm not sure if you have heard of Life of Fred…Well, Owen announced today that he even liked it more than Life of Fred.  I have to say that shocked me because all the kids (and grown-ups like it)!  I'm not sure how, but you are reaching him.
Thanks so much for many reasons!  ~Jacquie

This was posted on this homeschool mom's Facebook page after using our math curriculum:

"My comment below on this math program is not an advertisement or a way to link to something to get something free or anything like that. I am really this happy with the program and have to let everyone know." "This year we switched to Learn Math Fast Books and I am amazed at how quickly my kids are learning math. I don't normally rant and rave about a product, but I love this program. When we stopped using ABEKA, I didn't want the learning speed to slow down... just the endless worksheets. These books increased the pace and now I think my kids may pass me in math in no time. Trinity [10 1/2 years old] is one test away from being done with book 4 (basic shapes, area, special triangles, circumference, diameter, volume, Pythagorean Theorem, hypotenuse, the 3-4-5 triangle secret, and the metric system). Emma [7 years old] is 1 chapter away from being done with book 2 (fractions, mixed numbers, improper fractions, percentages, decimal numbers, and cross canceling). I just ordered Trinity the Learn Algebra Fast Book. I'm sure she will sail right through it so I will have to buy the Algebra 2 book for this summer/fall...My daughter, Azriel, just will turn 5 this month and I hope to start her on book 1 now that she is reading.  ~D.W.

The homeschool community has spoken and they love the Learn Math Fast curriculum better than most others out there!