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The Learn Math Fast System is different than your typical curriculum.  It starts by taking the student, no matter what their age is, back to addition.  Each bite-sized lesson will slowly teach your student how to add single-digit numbers in his/her mind.  Having this skill allows you to add numbers such as 18 + 7 in just a second or two without counting on your fingers or using a calculator.  Being able to process numbers in your mind is the key to learning all future mathematics.  If you can add single digit numbers in your mind, then you can take advantage of "The Nine's Trick," "The 11's Trick," and of course, any number times two will be solved in a snap.  Even multiplying triple-digit numbers requires you to add up columns of numbers below the problem.  This can take up to 15 agonizing minutes to solve when you can't add proficiently!  With the Learn Math Fast System, students learn to add so well that even big multiplication problems are solved quickly and easily.  That's the first step to building self-confidence.

The Learn Math Fast System starts with basic addition and ends with high school Geometry.  But no matter what age you are, you should start from the beginning.  If it’s easy, you’ll fly right through the lessons and learn some great tricks along the way.  And if there is something you’ve never understood about math, you’ll be sure to learn it this time around.

Are your math skills rusty or non-existent?  No problem, just stay one lesson ahead of your child and you can teach math while you learn it at the same time.  A Teacher's Guide isn't necessary because the books are self-directing.  The only skills required to start are the ability to read and write numbers, count, and you should have a basic understanding of 2 + 1.

The Learn Math Fast System has been recommended by Jess Acre a Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia Specialist.  It is the only math curriculum she uses to teach mathematics to her students.  You can read her recommendation on the Testimonials Page of this website.  Homeschoolers across the globe are raving about this program because it really works!  Read the online reviews.  You won't be disappointed.  These seven books can catch your students up to grade level in less than a year and then advance them to college level in just one more year.

How is it possible to learn mathematics so quickly?  First, there is no fluff or busy work.  You won’t learn how to tell time or the days and weeks of the calendar, but you will learn all the mathematics you need to graduate from high school and enroll in college.  Secondly, the lessons and worksheets are short, while the explanations and examples are thorough, so massive repetition and review aren’t necessary.  The concepts are taught in a way that makes them stick for life, not just for the day.  And if the student does need a little reminder, he/she can just look down at our Big, Big Bookmark.  It has hints to all the most easily forgotten math concepts listed on it for a quick reminder.

If your student is planning a career involving mathematics, you need the Learn Math Fast System.  It is the fastest path toward graduation.  It was written by a homeschooling mom to show you how she taught math to her son.  He enrolled in college at age 16 and graduated with his first degree at age 18.  While he attended junior college, he worked as a tutor teaching mathematics to other college students.  Today, he is a Structural Engineer with three college degrees.

These books come with a money-back guarantee.  Try it for 30 days, and if you don’t learn math, send it back for a refund of your purchase price.