The Learn Math Fast System is the Best Math Curriculum Availabe to Homeschoolers

The Learn Math Fast System is the Best Math Curriculum Available to Homeschoolers!

Homeschooling is the best!  You get to be the number one influencer in your child’s life, and you’re given the opportunity to raise your child the way you feel is best.  There are no bullies, late homework, fake illnesses, or tardiness in a homeschool; just love, books and home cooked meals.  The only bummer about homeschooling is choosing the best curriculum for your kids, especially if you have several children.  Not everyone learns the same way, so what works for him may not be the best curriculum for her.  It’s even worse when you finally buy a curriculum only to find out, between the Teacher’s Manual and the explanations, it is too complicated to use.  So, let me tell you about the Learn Math Fast System.  I believe it is the best math curriculum out there and I’m not alone.  There are several unbiased reviews online that claim the same thing.  The Learn Math Fast System is a curriculum that works for all learning styles plus, it is self-directing, easy-to-read, and can be used with multiple children.

The unique methods used in the Learn Math Fast System are the best at reaching all four learning styles.  Visual learners are attracted to the arrows that are drawn from the text to the pictures and examples.  That, combined with the easy to read vocabulary, creates an comfortable flow as you read through the explanations.  Auditory learners love when it gets to the verbal game.  It’s quick, easy, and it’s all done out loud.  Having coins to move around are the best way to entertain a kinesthetic learner because the student gets to put away the pencil and paper and use their hands to learn addition.  And let’s not forget these are books, so those who learn best by reading and writing will feel right at home.  In addition to that, the lessons and worksheets are short, which appeals to anyone learning math.

Typically, a Teacher’s Manual is required to effectively use a math curriculum; not with the Learn Math Fast System.  You just start on page one of volume one and learn math.  The book speaks to the student while it fully directs the reader along the way.  It is completely self-directing.  So, even if you’re not the best at math, you can still teach it to your kids.  The books are written with a low-level vocabulary, so you can just hand it to your older students, and let them teach themselves.  The conversational tone with a bit of humor will help keep their attention.

Everything is included in the books; all lessons, worksheets, tests and full solutions.  But the Learn Math Fast System was created by a homeschooling family, so they know what it’s like to live on a single income.  That’s why they offer printable versions of all worksheets and tests on their website.  That makes it possible to teach multiple children with only one set of books.

Read this testimonial from Melissa Bragg after using the Learn Math Fast System.

My 13 y/o daughter has always struggled with math.  Memorizing math facts was nearly impossible and made math frustrating.  Although she understood the concepts and operations, it would take her 5 times longer to complete a problem because she was not strong in memorizing her fact families.  We had tried flash cards, on line programs, games, etc. to no avail.  Then I found Learn Math Fast.  I was intrigued...especially because it was written by a fellow homeschool mom.  My daughter was skeptical at first.  She had grown to despise math and started to feel like she would never get it, but I asked her to try her best as always and take it one lesson at a time.  She did the first lesson...and then the second...and then the third and then she was hooked.  She loves how short and easy the lessons are.  Not overwhelming at all.  And the best part is she is now able to complete her math in just a few minutes.  Her confidence has been restored and Math is now her favorite subject!  Now that she has completed volume 1, she is excited to move on to the second one.  Not only is the material the best, but so is the customer service.  I am so grateful to have found this program and plan to use it for the next two kids, as well!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!  ~Melissa Bragg

The Learn Math Fast System has been used by thousands of homeschoolers across the country and the testimonials are the best!  Moms love that they don’t have to be well-versed in math to effectively teach their children.  Students love the short, easy lessons that are fun to read.  And the budget is saved because you only need one set of books to teach everyone in the family.  Oh, and did I mention you can learn 1st to 12th grade math in just a couple years?  I know, it sounds too good to be true, but it's real.  That’s why I believe the Learn Math Fast System is the best math curriculum for homeschooling families.