A man standing in front of a cave with light coming from the bottom.

Five Envelopes Out of the Darkness

Enjoy two hours of family fun with this uplifting, adventurous story written by the creators of Learn Math Fast.

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Envelope 1: The Mission

Baker is running as fast as he can.  His heart is pounding, but he can't stop now.  He can't let those two boys catch him again.  Last time, Dennis punched him in the stomach so hard he threw up lunch.  He has never eaten tuna fish again.

Baker looks back to see if he has lost them, but what he sees isn't two boys, there are THREE!  Now three boys from Fruitland Middle School are chasing after him.  He doesn't know why.  Last time it was becasue they thought his name was funny, but they don't need a reason.

For years, the kids of Fruitland have chased after those who live in Harvest.  It must be all the sun they get over there that makes them want to pick on those who live on the shady side of Pineapple Hill.  Just one more thing that makes Harvest a depressing town.

Baker gets an idea.  He knows he can lose them in the woods.  He has been down that trail a hundred times before.  He just has to cut through the Whitaker's backyard to get there.  Their fence is up ahead, but he isn't slowing down.  He is speeding up.  Baker may not play many sports, but one thing he can do is climb.

At top speed, he jumps, puts one hand on top of the fence and swings his legs over in one swift move.  He lands on his feet with a thud, freezes and listens for the Whitaker's dog.

The coast is clear, so he cuts through the yard to get to the trail.  He may have been on this trail a hundred times before, but never like this!  It's dark outside.  The entrance to the woods might as well be a black hole, but Baker knows a trick.  It turns out there are some advantages to living in a town that is shaded most of the day.

He knows if he waits a minute or two, his eyes will adjust to the darkness, and he will be able to see in the dark, but he doesn't have a minute.  Those boys are right behind him.

He jumps and hides behind a pine tree.  Staying as quiet as possible, he holds still while his eyes adjust to the darkness, hoping they don't see his breath in the cold air.

A few seconds later, a silhouette of three boys appears in the backyard.  They scatter a bit and walk around looking for Baker.  Their hands are outstretched in front of them as they search.  They can't see a thing.

Baker stays behind the tree, not making a sound.  It looks like the boys might be giving up.  He made it.  He is safe, until his phone rings!

"There he is," one boy yells.  They all run towards the cell phone light...

A Testimonial from Angel S.

Best book for my middle schooler who I couldn't get excited about reading until this book. Wonderful story!!!